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3 April 2023

Services offered by IPS Electrical Testing

Electrical safety is a crucial aspect of any infrastructure, whether it's in commercial, industrial, or domestic settings.
10 March 2023

Electrical Safety Test and Diagnostics

Electrical safety and diagnosis are necessary for any property. It remains a deliberate means to ensure the safety of lives and property.
13 February 2023

Portable Appliance Tests Sheffield

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is vital to human and product safety. Portable appliances cause 25% of all electrical and workplace accidents. 
4 January 2023

Electrical Installation Reports in Sheffield

The quality of the electrical installation condition report you get determines the level of safety of your home, office, or company.
31 October 2022

Welcome to IPS Electrical Testing Services

Are you looking for where to get the best and most reliable electrical testing services? Then welcome to IPS Electrical Testing Services.